About Us

Choice Charter Schools sets out to improve student learning, well-being, and postsecondary success by addressing the unique needs of students who are not being successful in their home district, including those who have dropped out, or struggle with issues related to income, ACES, behavior or non-attendance. By choosing to serve Iowa’s most at-risk population through work-based, certification, competency-based, real world learning experiences with innovative and evidence based practices from reputable organizations like National Council for Online Education (NCOE) and National At Risk Education Network (NAREN), we are changing the trajectory of the struggling student.

We will provide a personal academic setting and compassionate social and emotional support. Computers and wifi service are provided to those who need it and we meet students face to face in the life situation they are in: many are homeless, hungry, and without hope.

Choice Charter School draws on 12 years of experience working in Iowa Schools through Iowa NET High Academy (INHA) that boasts a 82% graduation rate with 100% of the students either going on to college, gainfully employed, or attending apprenticeship programs. The post secondary success of our students who were dropping out of school is life changing.

Choice Charter School does not have buildings so capital budgets are not needed. We will use our budget to pay good teachers /mentors and provide computers/wifi and other necessities for the students we serve. This may also include meals for those who are hungry and bus passes/uber rides for those who lack transportation.

Our Mission

Choice Charter School is a FREE public, non-profit school tailored to the unique needs of unique students who can’t or won’t return to the traditional public school.

Our Vision

A brighter future for the students who need it the most.



Choice Charter School will raise the graduation rate in Iowa by providing a conscientious, comprehensive program to meet the needs of students who are looking for a nonpublic high school option and/or have dropped out of high school and are motivated to earn their diploma.

Choice Charter School will create individual learning paths that honor the college and career dreams of the students it serves.
Choice Charter School will prepare students to become participating, contributing members of society.


Incorporating learning styles, and the interests and needs of students to create personalized learning paths.
Recognizing the value of each student and the unique circumstances they bring to the learning environment.
Creating worthy work that crosses over content areas.
Focusing on competency-based, project-based education.
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