Challenge. Choice. Change.

For a brighter future, job advancement, and self-satisfaction, Choice Charter School is your solution to a high school diploma.

We are a non profit and a start up working to help Iowa’s youth find a brighter future, begin your support today.

Fearlessly future-focused

Your Success is Our Passion

For the past 12 years, we’ve been helping students who have dropped out of high school. We provide them with weekly mentoring, curriculum that is relevant and hands-on, tutoring and options for apprenticeships or post-secondary classes, and flexible scheduling.

One Step Ahead

Why We Are Your Choice

Let’s face it, the traditional school for many students is boring, test-oriented, and a place where you don’t feel you belong. Choice Charter School seeks to make school relevant, more hands-on, and a place where all feel you belong.

Individualized learning paths with a career focus, Choice Charter School is unlike any traditional school in the state of Iowa.

Choose Your Adventure

Focus on Your Own Dreams

We understand life’s challenges. We have created a school environment that is on your time, at your home and caters to your unique circumstances. We provide mentors to meet with you one-to-one and teachers to meet in groups online for instruction. Other wrap-around services are provided to help you navigate life’s challenges as well. Your success is our sole mission.


Career Pathways

There are 6 career pathways from which to choose. Once in a career path, your academics and work experiences will focus on what you need to move forward in that career.


Apprenticeships & Certifications

Through our partnerships with area businesses, unions, and apprenticeship programs, you will gain insight and skills needed to pursue your career goal.


Individualized Learning Paths

We understand life’s journey has been different for you. An individualized learning path is created to meet your unique needs and circumstances.


Two Diploma Tracks

Whether you choose to go on to college, the trades, or right into the workforce, our two diploma tracks allow flexibility in earning your high school diploma.

Our Process



There are only 300 spots this first year! Take that first step to a BRIGHTER FUTURE!



School starts September 6, 2022. Here are a few things you can do to get ready:

  • Create a schedule for school
  • Talk to your employer about set time off

Our Team Approach

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

You are never in this alone. From the application to graduation, we are here to help you succeed.

Administration Team

Dr. Cynthia Knight

Founder And CEO

Charles Mausser

Administrator Of Student Affairs

About us

Choice Charter School is a registered, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. It is also an approved Iowa Public High School that is a response to the 4000 Iowa students who drop out each year due to medical factors, frequent moves, emotional drama, or other concerns.  Sometimes a traditional brick-and-mortar school is a poor fit for individual students. We are here to offer a different way forward that combines projects, career interests, and community partners to move your dreams forward.  Find out more by contacting us or supporting us financially.

Student Testimonials

“After six years of being out of school and tons of searching to find a school that would work with my disabilities, my prayers were finally answered…

Dr. Knight immediately responded and reached out to my family and I. She came to my home and personally talked with me about the program she had to offer. She told me I have a chance to finally get to be a high school graduate. I couldn’t believe my dreams of graduating were becoming my reality. ”


Cedar Falls

“I love this school and everyone in it because it gave me an opportunity to graduate with a diploma when no other schools would even glance in my direction because of my anxiety. I’m forever thankful to you and every other teacher who have helped me throughout this year and I look forward to graduating a jordahl academy student and pursuing my dreams of becoming a pharmaceutical scientist. ”




” I’m going to college this semester so far I have an A+ Thanks for everything you have helped me with thanks for pushing me to graduate I’m very thankful to have met you and had you in my life.”



Graduate Jordahl Academy

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